Your time registration simply in one place

Do you want to be able to easily register hours and/or other units and create a clear overview in your administration? At Clocx you have come to the right place. We offer you a complete tool for registering units such as: hours, kilometers, products.

Clocx has a modular structure, this is how we ensure that you only pay for what you need for your company. Clocx is simple and ready to go so that your work as an entrepreneur gets easier.

  • Easy register your hours
  • Insight into your projects
  • Invoice your hours directly
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Easy registration

With Clocx you can easily register all your hours or units in one tool. Experience the convenience of Clocx for yourself, a well-organized tool that is always within reach for you as an entrepreneur, so you can register, report, invoice and export hours and/or units at any desired moment.

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Insight into your projects

Clocx keeps track of what you enter. We provide control over your projects, remuneration and invoices. We create a clear overview and therefore you know where your company stands at all times.

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Manage your administration

Clocx is the tool for every entrepreneur to create and maintain overview in your administration. Clocx is suitable for any industry and can be set up based on your wishes or what is customary in your industry.

Experience Clocx for your organization!

Experience Clocx for your organization!

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